DAAD Scholarship (2019-2023) at the Graduate School Practices of Literature, University of Münster, Germany

DAAD Scholarships

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The Graduate School Practices of Literature (GSPoL) at the University of Münster invites international students in literary studies to apply for a PhD scholarship starting on October 1, 2019. The four-year scholarship is part of the Graduate School Scholarship Programme (GSSP) funded by the German Academic Exchange Service / Deutschen Akademischen Austauschdienst (DAAD).

Graduate schools and structured doctoral training have been widely adopted by institutions across Europe to enhance students’ networking skills, interdisciplinary collaboration, and employability in or outside academia. High-quality standards regarding the selection and hosting of doctoral students, as well as an international research environment, create an ideal setting particularly for international candidates. At GSPoL, students benefit from interdisciplinary supervision and exchange and have the opportunity to prepare for careers in academic and non-academic contexts.

Areas of study: English/American Studies, Arabic/Islamic Studies, Baltic Studies, Book Studies, German Studies, Comparative Studies, Latin Philology/Studies, (Neo-)Medieval Latin Studies, Dutch Studies, Scandinavian Studies, Romance Studies (Main Areas: French, Spanish and Italian Literature), Sinology, Slavonic Studies

The program revolves around three main subject areas:

1. Literature, Culture and Society
(relationship between literature, culture and society; social theories; cultural theories; cultural turn and/in literary studies)

2. Theories of Literature and Culture
(science studies; history, theory, and methodology of/in literary/cultural studies)

3. Literary/Cultural Studies and the Professional World
(professional sectors that require expertise in literary/cultural studies; the literary marketplace; transferable skills)

Curriculum: Lectures series and workshops, colloquia, research groups, and elective options such as internships, academic teaching, etc.

Supervision: Each doctoral candidate will have an individual, interdisciplinary support group consisting of three advisors. A written mentoring agreement and an individual timeline will be established and signed by the PhD candidate and their supervisors.

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